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In the Beginning

Originally titled the AARG (Australian All Rally Group) and was founded in 1988 in conjunction with the inaugural Great Endeavour Rally. The Great Endeavour at the time was run under CAMS and therefore an affiliated club had to be formed in order for participants to obtain CAMS licences etc… The club was also a means to build a reliable official team for the event and to assist these volunteers with their excess cost of supporting the Great Endeavour. From about 1992, the AARG was no longer an integral part of the Great Endeavour, but thankfully continued on to run its own stand alone events around South East Queensland. These have been disciplines such as Single Car Dirt Sprints, Short Course Off Road, Skillathons, Rally Sprints and the very popular Street Sprints.

Records and archives are sketchy for the first 15 years of its life, however we know that some of the original founding members were Wayne Coleman, Jason Coleman, Bernie Nixon, Leo Wilson, Allan Lawson, Richard Ryland & Peter Ryland.

The AARG became incorporated on 13/8/1998.

The focus of the club has changed in the last 12 years or so, with sprint events becoming our major activity. Dirt sprint events were held for many years on a private property at Jandowae, and then moved to the clubs own leased property – also at Jandowae around about 2001/2002. In 2004/2005, we commenced a lease on a property at Clifton, but we were unable to obtain a CAMS track licence to run sprints at this property (due to the amount of trees on the site), so we were running “Rally Sprints”, under the rally code – driver & navigator etc. This required the higher rally licence with CAMS & was not overly popular, so we moved to private property at Hirstglen & again reverted to dirt sprint events in 2008.

In 2000, the club initiated the Gatton Street Sprints, which quickly grew into a very renowned event and remains the Flag Ship icon for our club. In 2009 the DMC assisted the Oakey Motorsport Club kick start their own major event on the streets of Oakey and are pleased that they now have an event that Oakey and its local car club can call their own.

The club's focus is always on running Grass Roots affordable motorsport events and encouraging youth and junior development.


Management Committee: 2024

President: Rene’ Gaschk
Vice President: Ben Freeman
Secretary: Nic Welch
Event Secretary: Sally Clifford
Treasurer: Amanda Freeman

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